A Colorful Journey of Health and Vitality

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Following is a script to produce self hypnosis. It is designed to help you improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and produce more successful life experiences. You can either record and play it back, or ask someone to read it to you. I will produce an MP3 file and send it to you on request.

When you are ready to use it turn off phones, TV, computer or any other potential distractions. You may lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Read the script with a slow and steady pace, pausing for a moment at commas and semicolons. While listening to it allow yourself to create the visualizations, including other sensory information that may come to you. If you should fall asleep that is OK, you can return to it whenever you feel more rested or just plain curious about what the subject was when you mentally checked-out.

Begin here…

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out as you close your eyes.

And another.

And another.

Now breathe normally and put your attention on the toes of your feet. As you do so, imagine that your toes are feeling relaxed, loose and a little bit numb.  Wait for a few moments while the relaxation takes hold and moves into all parts of your feet, ankles, and up into your calves, feeling loose and limp. Now it is moving up, past your knees and into your upper leg and hips; feeling loose and limp.

You are safe and secure. You are in control. If you become alarmed by something you can return to full consciousness.

Feel the relaxation moving up into your pelvis and lower abdomen; into your diaphragm and chest. Your heart rate and breathing are slowing, down, down, down. As your breathing and heart slow, so do your other body processes.

Now the wave of relaxation is moving into your neck, head and scalp down into your arms and down into your hands. Scanning your body from your forehead down to the tips of your toes, you notice how relaxed you feel, as you let yourself slow down, down, down.

Your mind is becoming focused on your unconscious mind, spirit or higher self; while going down, down, down.

Now imagine that you have in front of you a beautiful red rose. You reach out and touch it. The red is warm, bright, vibrant and full of life’s energy. The rose peddles are soft, comfortable to your touch. The fragrance is sweet and enjoyable. The rose is a symbol of life’s grace, beauty and love.

Now imagine the rose is replaced by a ripe orange fruit. The fragrance of the orange is sweet and inviting. You imagine that can taste the juice and feel it filling your mouth with pleasure. The orange juice makes you feel even more relaxed; full of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

Now imagine the orange is replaced by yellow candle with a merry yellow flame dancing on the wick. The yellow flame is comforting, warm, and relaxed. It is strengthening your senses, feelings and perceptions. You feel the powerful yellow light inside you.

Now imagine that you are next to an evergreen pine tree. You reach out and touch the soft green needles, you smell their fragrance, feel their waxy skin. You know this tree will continue to grow and thrive; as you will too. The tree is designed for order, balance and habitual actions that protect it. You are too. Green improves your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment with your higher self; the real you.  You can develop new and improved habits which will contribute to your health and well being.

Now imagine the tree is replaced by a large grape vine holding bunches of fat sky blue grapes, ripe and ready for picking and eating. Thinking about the blue grapes causes your mind to perform in a more orderly way, bringing more inspiration and creativity into everything you do. You are at peace and can successfully deal with whatever challenges you face.

Now imagine that the grape vine is replaced by a plum tree, filled with indigo blue fruit, ripe and ready for harvesting. Indigo blue tells you that your self-concept, intuition and psyche are becoming more perfectly balanced with your spirit or higher self. You are what you came to this life to be. You are a wonderful, intelligent, loving and powerful person who is a role model for your family, friends and associates. Indigo blue is your doorway into the spirit world and all that it is.

Now imagine that the plum tree is replaced by beautiful violet colored flowers. Drawing closer you smell their special fragrance. Violet represents your spirit or higher self. Violet also represents the doorway to the unseen portion of the energy spectrum, and the doorway to all positive life changes.

Violet represents the potential for correction and improvement, to help you deal life’s challenges.

Now imagine that in front of you is a golden 10 step stairway leading down to a beautiful field of grass and a sparkling lake. See and feel yourself going down the stairway. Step number 10; 9; 8; 7; 6; 5; 4; 3; 2; and 1. On your left you see a babbling brook that empties into the lake, bringing freshness to its waters. You stroll to the lake, remove your shoes and dip your feet into the cool clear water. It feels so good. Refreshed you leave the water, dry your feet, put on shoes and walk to a nearby cave that is brightly lit by an unseen light source.

Now imagine that inside the cave is a full length mirror.

This is a magic mirror. In it you can see all of yourself, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Each is distinct and full of detail. Everything about you is there for you to change as you desire. What would you change and improve?

Mentally snap your fingers and the changes you desire appear and become part of the new you. You are more comfortable, your mind is focused and creative; your emotions are balanced.

Now it is time to exit the cave and return to the golden stairway.

You begin to climb the stairs with an increased sense of energy and aliveness. Upon reaching the 10th step you will feel more refreshed than you ever thought possible. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10.

Now appearing in front of you again are the violet colored flowers. They remind you of your connection to wisdom, spirit or your higher self.

As you admire them they are replaced by indigo colored plums. They remind you of your newly balanced self concept, psyche and much stronger intuition.

The plums are replaced by light blue grapes that enable clear thought, greater inspiration and creativity.

The grapes are replaced by the green pine tree, enabling more balanced and orderly habits.

The pine tree is replaced by the brightly lit yellow candle with its dancing yellow flame illuminating your senses; perceptions and feelings.

The candle is replaced by the orange, inviting you to peel and enjoy it while you gain energy, strength and power.

The orange is replaced by the red rose, so soft and fragrant. It reminds you how beautiful you are, inside and out. You are a treasure to behold and share with the world.

Now you are returning your attention to the tips of your toes, starting to regain a more normal feeling. You feel the wakefulness and energy moving through your feet and ankles, into your calves and knees. It advances into your upper leg, hips and pelvic region. Now it moves up into your abdomen and into your chest. Your heart and breathing rate are returning to your normal, adding more energy to you entire body. You feel your neck, head, scalp and hair returning to their normal condition and feelings.

You open your eyes, gently stir and stretch, recalling the events and experiences you had on your colorful journey. Whenever you are ready you can return to your normal activities.


I suggest that you take this colorful journey every day or evening for at least the next 21 days and return to it whenever you feel the need. Please tell me how it worked for you.




Achieve What You Desire by Controlling Your Gatekeeper and Dealing with “The Real Boss”

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Your conscious and subconscious/unconscious minds deal with an information filter commonly referred to as the “Gatekeeper. “ The job of the gatekeeper is to make life easier and protect the subconscious/unconscious mind by rejecting information that does not match your current unconscious beliefs. These beliefs have been accumulating since childhood and are the basis of your day-to-day behavior. The subconscious/unconscious mind wants to maintain the status quo, it doesn’t want to make changes.

Your conscious mind thinks it is the “boss” and it tries to use will power to force changes but in reality the subconscious/unconscious mind is the “real boss. “ All of your habits and other automatic actions are influenced or controlled by the subconscious/unconscious mind. It will often justify or control information and outcomes through decisions to keep their beliefs intact. Fear, doubt, sadness, depression, worry and anger are some of the defenses it will employ to keep you from creating, and following new beliefs.

So how do you make desired changes in your life? You bypass the gatekeeper and deal directly with the subconscious/unconscious, making changes in the blueprint of your life over time until a new pattern develops and become the new status quo.

The Creative Tension Wheel is designed to facilitate communication with your subconscious/unconscious mind and to speed-up and improve the behavior change process. Changes in habits and other behavior usually take at least 21 days of repeating the new blueprint patterns before a new pattern is semi-permanent. The change process can be accelerated by altering your awareness and state of mind. The name given to the method is “trance state.” The word trance refers to a narrowing focus of attention. It is a kind of filter that blocks normal distractions. All hypnosis techniques are a method to induce and control trance states and make desired changes.

You experience trance states every day while watching TV or your computer screen, while listening to certain types of music, while reading, singing, falling asleep, having sex, and doing dozens of other common day-to-day activities. A trance state can be induced on purpose and indeed some people would say that our normal consciousness is a form of trance.

The colors and placement of the colors on the creative tension wheel, plus trigger words within each segment, are designed to help you relax and create a trace state when moving up the left side of the wheel, from red to violet, and then to return you to conscious awareness as you move down the right side, from violet to red. The color indigo deals with information in the subconscious and violet deals with information and processes that are mostly unconscious. If you are in the wrong trace state the changes you desire may not occur or if they do change, the results will not be long lasting.

In my 17 years as a Certified Hypnotherapist I used a hypnotic process similar to the wheel design to help clients quickly and permanently make changes and improvements in their lives. The proper use of color and words can have a prompt and powerful influence over the subconscious/unconscious mind.

Another element that is important is to not be tied down to a detailed and specific result. Be willing to accept and embrace results that are close to what you desire. You can always continue the change process over time and make small improvements that finally deliver what you desire. This way you work with the subconscious/unconscious without causing problems and invalid outcomes. Ask the subconscious/unconscious to help find solutions instead of tell it what to do our giving it too detailed of a blue print. Also ask it to find and get rid of conflicting beliefs that would block you from achieving what you desire.

To make the changes we desire we must be in a positive expectant mood and ask for what you want. You must not ask for what you don’t want. Further, you must believe in and trust your ability to create what you desire.

In the next post I will provide some examples for you to follow.



Survive, Thrive and Achieve Your Dreams

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Improve Your Life with the Creative Tension Wheel


The Creative Tension Wheel is a template or Modular Thinking Pattern to help you create and manage your perceptions, thinking, behavior and actions.

Creative Tension is the “power” needed to energize your world and how you experience it. Further, it can transform (improve) your roles, relationships and influences.

The Creative Tension Wheel integrates your intuition and rational thinking skills and deals with:

1. The Current Situation (RED). This is reality as you perceive it, at this moment in time. It is influenced by everything in your environment, other people and your thoughts.

2. Evaluate the Present and the Past (the left side, from ORANGE up to INDIGO). This is where you evaluate everything that happened after, or during the past current situation or reality as you experienced it.

3. Transform (VIOLET) This is where Creative Tension is released and universal creativity occurs; desired changes emerge; and you visualize a new potential future.
4. Influence the Future A potential future (the right side, from INDIGO to ORANGE). This is a “picture” or blueprint of a new reality that you are creating in your mind. It will pull you into a new situation or current reality.

VIOLET is where the difference between the current and/or past reality and a vision of the future are balanced and resolved by new and better solutions from the Universal Mind, Spirit or GOD.

How We Usually Experience Creative Tension

In physical terms Creative tension is a feeling we get when we perceive and recognize the difference between two or more contrasting things such as:

Good and Bad
Like and Dislike
Positive and Negative
Pleasant dreams and Nightmares
What is and Isn’t
Have and Want
Present and Past
Past and Desired Future
Present and Desired Future

Creative tension is usually experienced as a physical sensation created by involuntary muscle contractions and increased stress. Usually the tension is so uncomfortable that it drives you to do something about it; i.e., get relief, achieve the goal within your vision, avoid a threat, etc.

Creative tension is a natural force that seeks to resolve and balance itself through the movement and transformation of energy, information, ideas, decisions and actions.

The potential future (or some aspect of it) begins to emerge or is revealed in the color VIOLET.

The release of creative tension energizes and will start to assemble what is needed to create what you visualize for the future. When you clearly visualize something you want, you will strive to achieve it by assembling all of the details and resources in the proper pattern.

For this to work best you must be truthful about your current and/or past situation and design a potential future in as much detail as possible. Further, you MUST imagine that the future is becoming real NOW.

Creative tension can reduce emotional tension and frustration that arises when we fail to recognize the difference between where we are and where we want to be.

Key Words

Each module or segment of the Creative Tension Wheel has three words associated with it. The words used are specific to the subject under consideration. The previous post listed 22 roles, relationships and influences we deal with almost every day. Eight of them affect everyone. The others affect people who are leaders and managers of groups and organizations. There is a template or model for each of them, and many more. We’ve created over 30 templates or models for use in a wide variety of situations. You can also create your own templates.

Following are the key words on template #1 that affect you and your life. Each is grouped within a color which represents energy and how it is used to create our experiences.

RED: Form, Body and Substance. It describes the present or current situation you experience using your sight, hearing, sense of touch, taste, smell, intuition and perhaps other senses. Explore the characteristics of an idea, environment, or action within RED.

NOTE: The left side of the Creative Tension Wheel between ORANGE and INDIGO is where you evaluate the current situation and is where creative tension is created.

ORANGE: Power, Energy and Strength. This relates to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What influences you? How much strength can you bring to bear to resolve an issue or problem? On the other hand, what is holding you back? What do you need to build yourself up? How do you turn possibilities into opportunities?

YELLOW: Feelings, Senses and Perception. Within YELLOW, you relate to your feelings and use your senses. You examine your perceptions and determine what is “real” to you.

GREEN: Order, Habits and Balance. Within GREEN you recognize Cause & Effect; you plan and organize your life. You review your habits and determine what you want to keep and what you want to change.

BLUE: Active Thought, Inspiration and Creativity. In BLUE, you identify what inspires you to be creative. “Blue Sky” Brainstorming is usually done in BLUE.

INDIGO: Self Concept, Intuition and Psyche. Within INDIGO you identify and recognize your personality and the role you play in every situation. You examine your Intuition and Psyche.

VIOLET: Higher Self, Wisdom and Spirit. VIOLET is where creative tension is released to energize and improve a situation.

VIOLET is where new solutions are revealed. The difference between the current and/or past reality is balanced with a vision, form or mold to create an improved future.

VIOLET is a calming, relaxing color in which you can connect to and seek answers from a source greater than yourself. It is the gateway to the Higher Self, Wisdom, Spirit or God, however you may know it.

Within VIOLET are the master forms to create everything in your universe. If you ask a question within the color VIOLET; remain calm and quiet; an answer will usually come to you in some way and you will be able to plan a new and better future. Sometimes the answer may seem vague or incomplete and you will have to explore the question some more.

NOTE: Never, never, never give up! You will be guided to the correct answer when you are ready to receive it! Not Before.

NOTE: The right side of the Creative Tension Wheel from INDIGO through ORANGE (7 through 11) is where you integrate what you have learned in VIOLET and determine how you will form (create) a new and better situation.

RED: Form, Body and Substance: New current thoughts, substance and energy; a new environment , situation and deeds that you will experience using your sight, hearing, sense of touch, taste, smell, intuition and perhaps other senses.

We suggest that with any important situation you go through several cycles from #1 to #12 for maximum benefit.



Evaluate and Improve Your Life with Modular Thinking

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Yesterday Suzanne Carey, my daughter suggested that this article should be about the way I perceive the world, think, write and behave. She said that what I do is to relate to everything as a module or piece of a puzzle. While I realize now that she is correct, I’ve never used the words modular or module as a working model. Thank you Suzanne!

From now on I will focus my presentations on using modular thinking to help you evaluate and improve your life.

What is a module?

A module is a self contained part of a system which has a well-defined use and connection to other parts of the system. It can be used alone or in groups to construct a more complex system. Our Universe is made up of interlinking modules of energy that are connected and communicating with each other using the laws of physics.

An atom is a module. So is a molecule.   

A Lego® piece is a module that can be connected to other Lego modules to form all kinds of structures and devices.  

Following is a link to a story about how a construction company in China built a 30-story hotel in 15 days using pre-fabricated modules:

Very impressive!

TV, radio, video, films, music, acting and teaching are examples of information modules that we use every day to educate and entertain each other.

Modules can create better ways to live and relate to our world.

Likewise, all facets of our lives can be considered as modules that can be evaluated and improved to enable us to survive, thrive and achieve our dreams. Over my many careers I’ve used a variety of tools and techniques to perceive, understand, diagnose and take corrective action to handle weaknesses and threats. The same tools and techniques have enabled me to take advantage of strengths and opportunities while improving communications between people.

Today I will highlight the 22 roles, relationships and influences that affect our lives. Each is an interconnected module that can evaluated and improved on its own, for the benefit of the whole person.

Why is this important? Our lives are complex, our relationship many, information is directed to us in ever greater amounts and volume, and we often think something or everything is out of control.

I have some Good News for you. Using my system of Modular Thinking you can relate to what is happening and create something better.

The 22 Relationship, Roles and Influences That Affect You

Your relationship with:

  • Yourself
  • Your  spouse, partner or significant other
  • Your family, friends, work group & teammates
  • Formal organizations, such as your employer, school, church, union, etc.
  • Outside or 3rd party influences such as the government, banks, etc.

 Your personal navigation systems – key roles and influences:

  • How you make choices & decisions
  • How you improve your personal performance
  • How you manage change

If you are a director, manager, supervisor, or leader, how you:

  • Lead groups & organizations
  • Plan your personal & group activities
  • Find & hire competent employees, volunteers & contractors
  • Coach your team to improve skills, behavior & outcomes
  • Create teamwork & coordinated efforts
  • Prevent & solve problems to improve individual & group performance
  • Take disciplinary action, fire or remove people from teams
  • Prevent & resolve conflicts & disruptions
  • Manage projects & work activities
  • Improve quality, value & productivity
  • Control revenue, costs, assets, liabilities & performance
  • Deal with business/organization expansions & contractions
  • Use negotiating strategies & tactics
  • Promote & sell ideas, products & services

This may seem to be a daunting list but never fear, I’ve created a way to make it simple, easy and useful. Please see my next post for an overview of how to use it for your immediate benefit.




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One of the most influential and powerful people in my life was Judy, my wife for 42 years and my best friend for 48 years. She passed away in 2008. Her picture is below my signature. She was a very creative person who understood life at the most basic level and was able to express the most powerful parts through poetry, short stories and her amazing ability to relate to people at all levels.. Following is one of her most important statements about life.


I have Form, Body and Substance; I AM
I have Strength, Power and Energy; I AM
I have Feelings, Senses and Perception; I AM
I have Love, Harmony and Balance; I AM
I have Inspiration, Thought and Memory; I AM
I have Intuition, Dreams and Vision; I AM
I have Wisdom, Faith and Spirit; I AM
I have all of these; therefore I AM

I am Wisdom, Faith and Spirit; I BELIEVE
I am Intuition, Dreams and Vision; I BELIEVE
I am Inspiration, Thought and Memory; I ELIEVE
I am Love, Harmony and Balance; I BELIEVE
I am Feelings, Senses and Perception; I BELIEVE
I am Strength, Power and Energy; I BELIEVE
I am Form, Body and Substance; I BELIEVE
I BELIEVE in Me; therefore I AM

Please make this your personal pledge. It will serve you well and help you experience, joy, Love, eagerness and excitement.




Judy Taber 1945-2008

About Vision – A Key to Leadership Success

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Every successful leader will tell you that they have a vision of the future and that everything they do is geared to making the vision become a physical reality. Following are features, advantages and benefits of visions:

• It converts abstract ideas into concrete things, situations, patterns or conditions

• Transfers insights and knowledge from one person to another or many people

• Can be considered a framework, scaffold or skeleton on which details form

• Gives meaning to a new idea or goal and makes it understandable by others

• May represent something that happens in a certain time frame or is timeless

• Can be expressed as objects, images, sketches, pictures or diagrams

• Can be used to represent visual elements, sounds and feelings

• May represent an emerging pattern for future development

• Can describe a single idea or a field of many ideas

• Pulls a person or group of people toward a goal

• Creates expectations or desires

• Energizes and excites people

• Motivates to create action

• May be static or animated

• Helps create commitment

• Helps create consensus

• Should be measurable

• May set standards

• Visions can be made more specific by describing them within a physical environment with variable such as light or darkness, temperature, silence or sounds, presence or floating in space, etc.

• Visions may be changed to make them fit new information or conditions

• Visions may be timeless

• Vague visions may waste resources and efforts… make them as specific as possible

• Competitiveness can be described as a powerful vision, supported by competent leadership and followership, plus a strong desire to succeed.

• Leaders must describe and demonstrate a clear vision and strategy for the organization to follow.

How to use a vision in a business setting:

1. Identify business environment
2. Sense an opportunity
3. “See” a picture of a new situation or idea with as much detail as possible
4. Believe that the idea or vision has value
5. Create a strategy to implement the vision (the foundation of an action plan)
6. Focus on elements of operations
7. Should be realistic, creditable, attractive and doable
8. Create specific tactics (maneuvers designed to achieve a goal) to activate and carry out the vision and plan
9. Take action
10. Evaluate results verses the vision and plan
11. Make needed changes to either the vision, situations or the plan

What is your vision? What are you doing to achieve it?



Need to Evaluate an Opportunity? Do a SWOT Analysis.

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When you are presented with an opportunity it may be necessary to carefully evaluate it before making an investment of time, money and effort. I do what is referred to as a SWOT Analysis. Following are the four subject categories to consider. There may be other definitions you can use so be flexible and explore alternatives in addition to what I’ve shown below.


Vigor, toughness or durability. The power to resist attack, stress or strain. The capacity for effective action. Force; degree of intensity, or potency. Healthy. What is done well. Resources or assets unavailable to others. Positive opinions people have about the subject.


A defect or failing. A fondness for something damaging. Feeble, frail or lacking power. Incapacity. A distraction. Lack of health. What could you improve? What is done poorly? What should you avoid?


Favorable or positive situation or potential. A chance for progress, accomplishment and goal achievement. Luck. An opening or break in an opposing defense. An advantage. An interesting trend or developing condition with positive energy.


The potential to cause pain, damage, expense or death. A danger, hazard or menace. A risk or peril. What obstacles are faced? What is the competition doing about it? What negative outside influences are beyond your control? What advances in technology or work processes are likely to make the system obsolete or useless? Are there debts or cash flow problems? Are customers moving to the competition?

Making Your SWOT Analysis More Useful:

Often it is wise to give details to your SWOT analysis by answering the questions:

How Much?